Wenn möglich organisiere ich ein Treffen meiner Studenten / Klienten. Das Ziel dieser Events ist es, dass sich Studenten und Klienten kennenlernen und ihnen dabei die Möglichkeit zu bieten, frei in Englisch zu sprechen zu können. Mein Fokus ist dabei, dass die Teilnehmer den Anlass geniessen können, ohne Grammatik-Korrekturen.

Es ist auch ein Dankeschön an meine tollen Studenten und Klienten für ihr Vertrauen in mich.

Kommende Events

  • Ireland Road Trip, September 2025

Frühere Events

  • Get together in Wil St. Gallen, April 2024

  • Doolin, Ireland, August 2023

  • Skittle and Apero, June 2023

  • Northern Ireland, September 2022
  • Lebanese Evening in Wil SG – November 2021
  • English Afternoon in Rapperswil SG, June 2021

You can learn English and be detectives! Not only the game was fun, the ice cream break sponsored by was also a highlight.

Even the English teacher has pronunciation issues with some village names. 🙂

When „most Indians“ go to Rapperswil SG, we eat in House of Spice.

A big thank you to all my dear students for taking the time to spend the afternoon with one another.

  • Escaping English – June 2020

Getting together is always fun. And like they say, two heads are better than one when solving mysteries.

  • Let’s cook and feast – March 2019
  • Dublin, 2018 – More Than A Weekend

This weekend was not only challenging but also interesting for my dear students / clients as well as for me. One of the highlight was celebrating a round birthday on this memorable trip.

I continue to be proud of each one of you.

  • English & Escape Event – March 2018 in St. Gallen

Our successful escape…!

  • Sushi Workshop – May 2017

And yes, we rolled once again with so much laughter and some grammar explanations. Thanks Umm Sushi for your commitment and engagement.

  • London Extended Weekend 2017

When students / clients are as motivated as their teacher, only excellent achievements are attained.

I am so proud of you all. Well done!

  • English Apéro – January 2015

It was a nice quiet evening with lots of laughter.  Thanks to the spouses for showing up. It was my pleasure to meet you all.

  • Bowling Landgasthof Schäfli – June 2016

The event was a blast. Thank you all for coming and making the Saturday a memorable one. There was lots of laughter, and not even the English teacher is perfect in German idioms…

  • Sushi Workshop – 2015 and 2016

See how they roll.
Thanks Umm Sushi for the marvelous workshop. It was a great day with positive feedback. We are looking forward to the next workshop.